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 Model  S40 BTCC - TWR Chassis 001
 Manufacturer  Volvo
 Year  1997
 Price  26,700
 Location  Antwerp - Belgium
 Contact Name  Dries Heyman
 Telephone  +32 9 349 59 84
It was 1996, when TWR (Tony Walkinshaw Racing) received a fax and a new era in the history of motorsport begun. Nobody else than Volvo Sweden made an order for the development of a Volvo S40 Supertouring car. The FIA (Federation International Automobile) gave birth to a new championship involving touring cars and subjected to limited technical restrictions. This meant that almost anything was allowed and all constructors were invited to develop a car to compete in one of the most prestigious championships ever, the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship). TWR built the car on the platform of the S40 4-door saloon, using numerous technical gadgets, enabling the Volvo to compete in the upper regions of the championship. A few of them are: a bottom plate 7 times the thickness of the original, to lower the centre of gravity. Gas filled shock absorbers, height adjustable front and rear spoiler, steering wheel controls enabling the rear wheels to be locked, a front screen made of the same material used in F16's, etc ... TWR calculated the total cost for developing this car in 1997 at an amount of 135.000.000 old Belgian francs!!!! The car mentioned in this article is the first car ever made (chassis TWR VolvoS40-001). Total production of the car at TWR was 6 units. 2 of them were crashed during racing, 1 is shown at the Volvo museum in Sweden, 1 is sitting at Petterson in Sweden, 1 is still battling in Guatemala en the last one is waiting here in Antwerp.

In 1998 it had his maiden trip!! Volvo employed Rickard Rydell as professional driver and he managed to finish world champion in 1998. As far as we know, the car never suffered any major damage, thanks to the fact that Volvo always cherished the car with chassis 001. Due to the bankrupt of TWR in 2001, the cars ended up in the hands of Greger Petterson. A very wealthy real estate broker from Halmstad in Sweden, who is a fanatic car collector. As a result of numerous questions from all over the world, Greger has employed the chief mechanics from TWR to prepare the cars for new races. In 2002 they participated in the Norwegian Touring Car Championship, the Swedish Touring Car Championship was next in 2003. After heavy negotiations, we finally succeeded in getting the car to Belgium, with the support of some Belgium companies. The meaning was to battle with the car in the Mediagroup Van Dyck Belcar, an endurance championship for GT and touring cars. After a promising 3 rd place in the first race and a 6 th place in the second race, we had to redraw from the championship. The running costs that exceeded the expectations (it's still a factory car) and the lacking of vital components for the gearbox forced us to separate from the car. After long negotiations, BRI decided to sell the car, but only on one condition: the car can never be used to race again, it's meant to be a collector's item or a showroom model. The engine is an atmospheric 2.0 litre developping 326 bhp attached to an X-track sequential 6 speed gearbox. The total weight of the car is 860 kg, the fuel tank can contain up to 60L and the top speed is 280 km/h at 9000 rpm. The car rests on 19 magnesium alloys with central locking system.

The Volvo S40 is 100% ready and can be sold in very short notice to: musea, Volvo dealers, and private persons with a remarkable taste for exclusive cars. A visit to our work shop, to admire the technique and the structure of the car is recommended. Further more we have the possesion of a very detailed overview of the races in which the car has battled, all FIA documents, and an overview of each minute the car has been driven. If you would be interested in this car, please contact Dries Heyman by phone on +32 474 952386 or by mail:

Photos and technical specifications are available at your request.

Selling price is 40.000 Euro included a fully equipped service truck with spare parts