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 Model  Sprint Shuttle
 Manufacturer  Brian James
 Price  4,200
 Location  Southport, Merseyside, UK
 Contact Name  Paul
 Telephone  01704 50108
I'm reluctantly selling this trailer due to unforeseen circumstances. Specifically, although my race car does just about fit into it, it's such a tight fit that it makes it impractical in reality to use it for this car - and as this was the main reason for buying it...

It doesn't appear to have had much use really. It was owned by one of the major UK race circuits, and it was bought from them by the guy who owned it before me. He had it painted in the silver finish, but then never used it much - I think it was used as storage for a car more than anything else. I myself have barely used it, so it certainly hasn't done much in the last few years. As a result, you can see it's in excellent condition and has no damage to the silver painted finish. It can carry just over 1300Kg. For the full technical spec & dimensions (model SS-T-100), see:

This trailer would cost over 6300 to buy new today, and that's just in plain white gelcoat finish - you can probably add another 500 to have it painted properly! It comes with: two speed winch (new quick-release handle just fitted); drop down rear loading doors/ramp giving a low load angle, great for low cars; rear support legs; heavy duty jockey wheel; adjustable wheel chocking system; lockable front personnel door with gas struts; fully galvanised chassis; lockable tow hitch (new rubber bellows just fitted); two internal lights; enclosed/protected rear lamp units; front corner marker lamps; new quality wheel trims just fitted; four matching and virtually as new tyres on the trailer (proper heavy duty commercial type), plus a brand new spare (doesn't match those on the trailer). There's probably more I've forgotten - email me with any questions.

Photos are available, and as you will see from the photos, the condition of the trailer is excellent. The non-slip decking is very good without any major scoring, scatching or damage - even the area on the rear loading ramp - suggesting to me that the trailer has not had a lot of traffic going in & out. All of the lights worked the last time I towed it, and it's been stored inside since then. It tows really well, and the aerodynamic shape means that you don't feel like you're towing a giant air-brake, unlike some enclosed trailers. The fibreglass shell is excellent and has had minimal use since being painted, so I haven't noticed any significant chips, scratches or scuffs anywhere. As already mentioned, all tyres are excellent - I'd say there's no more than about 1mm of tread gone from any of them, so virtually as new.

Bad bits: well, not much really. There's some light surface rust breaking through the galvanised finish in a couple of places, mostly on ancillary items such as the winch, jockey wheel, etc. Most people probably wouldn't even mention this, but I like people to know exactly what they're buying - better this way than disappointment later on! There's a small area on the fibreglass where the gelcoat has come away. Again, this is barely worth mentioning, as it's only noticeable from inside the trailer when the rear doors are open and in no way detracts from the appearance or function of the trailer.