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 Model  Abarth 1000 TC
 Manufacturer  Abarth FIAT
 Year  1963
 Price  27,000
 Location  Switzerland
 Contact Name  Tony
 Telephone  0041716331500
The vehicle was 19 years in one hand. The present owner
has been looking 5 years to get this car. The car is technically
perfect. We went into the city and on country roads. With
Racesparks the owner has turned the engine to 8500 rpm .
The car has not been changed since the races
I saw one large file folder.First place in
the championship in 2003 / 2006 against vehicles such as
Renault Alpine 1300 or Camaro and BMW 2002. (Championship 60er,
70s cars)
The car was extremely tuned. The suesidedoors
were replaced, with aluminum parts. Also the sheet metal with
the original chassis number came out to save weight. But
preserved. It is not worth Revising the car visually. It remains
a "RaceCar".
The original motor is no longer available. Therefor a replacement engine,
Ansaugtrkt, second gear, and 3 complete sets Tires and
a Weber gas treatment is there.
The value of spare parts I had quantified with 9000,-Eur.