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 Model  Abarth 2000 OT
 Manufacturer  FIAT Abarth
 Year  1970
 Price  38,000
 Location  Switzerland
 Contact Name  Tony
 Telephone  0041716331500
Abarth 2000 OT, Replic. The engine is not original 2000/124 engine. price 42500,-Eur see the car document.Car is an original Abarth 1300/124. Someone, in Germany (or elsewhere) converted it into a 2 litres OT 2000. and put Abarth 2000 OT papers on it. The engine it has is a 2 liter Fiat engine modified up to 150 hp. The real OT 2000 has an engine 100% Abarth with not a simgle Fiat part in the engine. Today, these engines are very very expensive. We were offered one in bad condition, for being rebuilt, for 65.000 Euro. They only built 5 OT 2000. t one of them was for sale, price would be between 150.000 and 180.000 Eur