Close Ratio - test

Close Ratio - test

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The Historic Racing Saloon Register was formed in 1984.

We organise and run the NSCC Speed Championship for sprinting and hillclimbing.

Peterborough Motor Club was formed back in 1950 by motoring enthusiasts.

Stockport MC was founded in 1903 and is also a member of Motor Sport (North West)

Taunton Motoring Club organise and take part in all types of events.

Trackrod is a well established club that has been involved with motorsport for years.

Leading the way in Welsh Racing since 198.

We promote interest in motorsport throughout the Torbay and surrounding area

We organise such event's as Twelve cars, Scatters, Autotests, and Treasure Hunt's.

Woolbridge Motor Club runs a wide range motorsport events each year.